The Classroom Hotline provides technical support to all General Purpose Classrooms (GPCs) scheduled by the University Registrar's Office.

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Classrooms searchable via this website include all centrally managed General Purpose Classrooms and classrooms managed by academic units in the College of Arts and Sciences or professional schools located on central campus (Hussman School of Journalism and Media, School of Information and Library Science). Using the form above, check 'Include Departmental Classrooms' and then Submit to view all available classrooms.

General Purpose Classrooms are scheduled via the University Registrar; classroom technology is managed by ITS Classroom Hotline. Using the form above, Submit without any selections to view all GPC classrooms.

Suitable for Accommodating Remote Participants (HyFlex)
Designed to accommodate interaction between in-person and remote participants through the use of cameras and built-in microphones. Note: Larger classrooms may depend on the use of hand-held microphones to capture the comments of in-person students; other HyFlex rooms use ceiling-mounted microphones.

Suitable for Film Studies
Include the ability to block natural light, to limit display to one screen, and in some cases include audio enhancements.

Active Learning Classrooms are flexible learning spaces that support a wide range of instructional methods, including lecture, small group work, and discussion. They are designed to facilitate the following::

  • Sustained student interaction (eye contact)
  • Ability of instructors to interact directly with all students
  • Multiple instructional modes and transitions between them

Departmental scheduling staff can request active learning classrooms for instructors through the Classroom Feature Preference in Connect Carolina.

Wireless Display Device/Software
Allows instructors to share content from their laptops or phone through the classroom AV system, freeing them from constant back and forth to the podium. Students can also be enabled to display content from their devices. Visit the Mersive Technologies website to learn more about wireless display devices and software.

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