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Recording your class with Zoom

Recording your class with Panopto

Setting up Zoom in a General Purpose Classroom

Lecture Capture with Panopto

HyFlex Teaching

Teaching with Zoom

Changing your email in ConnectCarolina

Using Mirroring360 in the classrooms


Tips & Tricks:

Best Options for Recording Live Class Lectures

How to connect to your OneDrive in a General Purpose Classroom

How to Display Touchbar MacBooks using USB-C to HDMI Adapter

Using "Presenter View" when using Power Point

Launching Citrix Apps using Citrix Receiver

What Your Doc Cam Can Do

One-Step Recording (this will allow you to capture the computer screen and also capture any audio from microphones)

Using Mobile Apps in the Classroom:

We have a number of apps that will allow you to use your mobile devices in the classroom.  You can control the in-house computer with your mobile device, as well as wirelessly project your device and allow students to do so as well.


The Mirroring 360 app is available in all General Purpose Classroom (GPC’s) and it can be used on all mobile devices. This allows you to project your device onto the main video source in the room. It is limited to only show 4 devices at a time and the instructor can moderate this capability.

The Mersive app allows the instructor (or students) to project their devices onto the screen(s) in the room, and allows an unlimited number of devices to connect. It is found in a limited number of classrooms at this time (Carroll 111, Gardner 209 & 308, Greenlaw 101, New East 305, Peabody G050,  Phillips 206, 208, & 335, Venable G307 & G311, Woollen Gym 301 & 304.)

The SplashTop app allows you to control the classroom computer from your mobile device, which can assist you in instructional collaboration and allow you to walk away from the podium. A training tutorial for the app is located here.




Exam Scanning Tutorials

** We have decided to retire our services with Digital Desk, effective August 1, 2022, and fully convert to Gradescope for all bubble sheet exam grading. We have compiled an FAQ designed to answer what we anticipate will be the most common questions about this change. 


Importing exam data from ExamScan to Sakai

Gradescope Support

How to scan bubble sheets with Gradescope